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To clear nail fungus

Usually the fungus gets in when you bang your toe and it somehow detach slightly the nail bed. If it happens that you use a foot bath (professional pedicures), or if you took a shower at a gym, a Spa or other public facilities which is contaminated with the fungus, it will go in, since your nail bed is raised and it is easy for the fungus to get in.

As soon as you notice that your nail looks whitish, or even yellowish, you need to get rid of the fungus right away. Do not wait till your nail is thick and brown, it will take longer to clear the fungus.

Recipe: Use tea tree and lemon essential oils mixed together, 3 parts tea tree for one part lemon. Preferably, use the ones that are bio which is without pesticides. If not, essential oils are still very efficient and antibiotic.  Put some all over the nail, make it go in by massaging it on, under and at the root of the nail – twice a day minimum. If possible let your foot breathe with no socks as often as possible. The fungus likes the heat of the sock.  Could take 1-3 months. But its easy to do and worth the patience.