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Raven means magic and much more….

I love these beautiful magical black birds!  They have represented Magic in many circles, including the Celtics, the Medicine of the “White” people.   These great birds are known to be very intelligent and astute!

Wherever you see them, you know something is happening.  They occupy a very particular and important place on the Medicine wheel. …“The place of movement on our wheel called the Raven is second, starting from the North.   Raven is the medicine of magic.  Raven is a powerful medicine, which can give you the courage to enter the darkness of the void, which is the home of the All-That-Is.  To move with Raven medicine, to the native people, is to move in a complete medicine way.  Raven is a powerful creator of Dreamspeaker time and shield-making.  The Raven to us really holds the magic – and is the camouflage – for the black eagle.  The Black Eagle is the direct voice and the silent voice of God to form.” *

Transformation, a powerful work that also means courage. “…Raven represents transformation from being of a quiet way into a total medicine way.  A quiet way is a soul, a person, who is not speaking of medicine and has no knowledge and knows no wisdom.  Raven is the sacred of sacreds as far as medicine people (are concerned), and when you hold that particular medicine within the sacred medicine line of your people you hold that which is respected among all native peoples around the globe.  Raven medicine changes consciousness into Supreme Consciousness.  When one embraces Raven medicine, one embraces the Mystery.  When one embraces the Mystery, it takes the heart back.” *

And that blackness, so very special.  “…The color of Raven is considered to be black and we see the color black as no color at all; we consider black the Void.  The Void for us represents the back hole, which has been discovered behind the Milky Way and is the door to the next world.  So all who embrace Raven medicine will go into the next universe and create the next universe, which is in that black hole.  We see the blackness in Raven giving off the tint and the promise of pearlescence.  Pearlescence in the aura represents the highest consciousness obtainable for the souls.” *

Raven, a guardian, a healer.  “…For us Raven is the guardian of ceremonial magic.  In the healing circle if there’s any healing being done at all, Raven has to be present.  Raven guides the magic of healing and changing consciousness that brings about the total reality of wholeness and dispels, breaks through, and actually envelops and causes the thought of disease to disappear.  Raven is the messenger that carries all the energy flow of ceremonial magic between the ceremony itself and the intended destination.  This means wherever you’re directing it to, you need Raven to carry it to that destination.  Raven is the patron of smoke signals or spirit messages represented by smoke.” *

Raven, a voice, a magical voice. “…In order to communicate and contact the Ancient Ones, you need to call them through Raven.” *

Wonderful and beautiful being of the Great Mystery, how much we appreciate your gifts!

* Excerpts from Grandmother Pa’Ris’Ha’s teachings