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Natural Herbs to Balance the Female Hormonal System">

Natural Herbs to Balance the Female Hormonal System">Natural Herbs to Balance the Female Hormonal System

admin October 19, 2021

Natural herbs to balance the female hormonal system In the female body there are several types of hormones, naturally produced and secreted by the…

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Oriental dance or baladi

admin January 10, 2021

In order to preserve your youth and your beauty, get into oriental dance! Also known as 'Belly dance', oriental dance combines sensuality and femininity.…

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A little cleaning feels good! (but why?)

admin December 1, 2020

The alkalinity and cleanliness of body fluids trigger healing processes, but we also need to make efforts to improve different aspects of our life,…

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Important principles of naturopathy

admin December 1, 2020

Here are a few sentences illustrating some important principles of naturopathy: KEEP OUR BODY ALKALINE. This is a great principle that avoids most of…

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