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BONHEUR – anti-wrinkle day and night


Maintenant avec de l’acide hyaluronique (naturellement présent dans le corps humain), qui aide à consever une hydratation optimale dans le derme et l’épiderme.

Crème anti-rides bio-organique de jour et de nuit. Aux précieuses huiles essentielles de fleurs et de plantes, Bonheur régénère, adoucit et redonne de l’éclat à votre peau.

P.S. Nous offrons 75ml comparé à la majorité des crèmes sur le marché qui offrent 50ml en général.


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Bio-organic anti-wrinkle day and night cream, Bonheur regenerates, softens and restores radiance to your skin. Now optimized with hyaluronic acid (naturally present in the human body), which helps maintain optimal hydration in the dermis and epidermis.

Rich and light consistency, Bonheur penetrates quickly and protects your skin for the whole day. Formulated with care and with the best ingredients; organic oils, Nut butters and precious therapeutic and pure essential oils (without pesticides), flowers and plants, including rosemary (powerful anti-wrinkle), lavender (calm), rosewood (regenerates tissue), bourbon vanilla (antioxidant) and sweet orange (softening).

When you apply Bonheur, make it penetrate well by massaging lightly, in circular motions and going upwards.
Apply morning and evening to keep your skin supple and hydrated.
The morning, it takes very little; if you make up, it's good to wait 15 minutes, because the skin needs at least 10-15 minutes to absorb everything it needs. Experiment with little or more cream, the time to penetrate will tell you what your skin needs.
In the evening, you can apply a little more, because it's during the night, when your body is at rest, that the skin repairs itself and the whole system regenerates.
Your skin becomes hydrated, soft and glowing.

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2.5 oz/75ml, 4oz/120ml