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Oatmeal Water

According to Jethro Kloss, a very well known herbalist which cured many people of cancer and many other diseases (his book “Back to Eden” page 81- 85) Oatmeal water is a very good way to protect against sickness and said that it was a very good medicine for the sick.
In his book: “Many years ago, the Great Northen Railroad had a very urgent piece of road to make. They hired a big crew of men and worked them 14 hours a day. Instead of giving them ordinary water to drink, they gave them oatmeal water to drink, and it was said that not one man was laid off on account of sickness, and that never before had there been such a wonderful experience in the history of railraods.
“Take the finely flaked oat (the one you can cook in 3 minutes, but not the instant one – ) and put two (2) heaping tablespoonsful to a quart of water. You can make it stronger or weaker to suit your taste.
Let it simmer for half an hour, and then beat it up with a spoon or egg beater, and strain it through a fine sieve. “
“It is not too much to say that oatmeal, if combined with other foods so as to prevent congestions and the formations of toxins and acids due to the acid reaction, would do more to prevent contagious diseases than all the serums thus far invented or that ever will be. Oatmeal is neither artificial nor a substitute, it is a natural agent for the supply of these elements (silicon, phosporous, magnesium, potassium) which by their antiseptic properties make contagious infections impossible.”