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Did you know:  All emotions are from thinking. 

“…When you feel happy, don’t get involved with the happiness. And when you feel sad, don’t get involved with it. Whatever comes, don’t worry. Just be aware of it.”
Once you know how to observe the thoughts that lead to the emotions, you can overcome them.

I remember years ago, I had a real strong feeling in my plexus, like anxiety. So I asked myself “What did I think about so my body responds that way?” Then I retraced my thoughts and of course realized that they were filled with fear and negativity. So I changed these thoughts and felt better. After that I developed the ability, which is important, to catch my thoughts quickly when I would start feeling anxious or my body did not feel good. And truly after a while I stopped feeling this anxiety, like I cleared myself of it. So it is worth developing this habit to catch your thoughts when you do not feel the way you want.

Dr. Candace Pert, PhD in Physiology and Biophysics, wrote a book titled “The Molecules of Emotion” (well worth reading). This is how it works:

Each emotion causes various peptides/hormones to be excreted through the hypothalamus and the pituitary gland. These peptides/hormones are received by the cells and lock into receptors on the cells themselves. It is like each cell has some keys and only that particular chemistry can enter or bind to that cell. There is a receptor/key for all kinds of chemistry on a cell.

So it becomes like a drug and the cells become addicted to it, creating a vicious circle of repeated emotional situations. Every time we repeat a thought or emotion, it creates connecting links (called synapses between brain cells – neurons). These synapses create a complex net of “information”, like a set way of thinking, called neuronets, which dictate our reactions towards certain stimuli (thinking). These become programmings that limit our emotions, reactions and behavior. These learned pathways, of electrical flow in the brain, become a vicious circle of repeating the same emotions and situations.

As an example, let say that years ago you went through some sorrow, sadness for quite a while. These emotions were created by your way of thinking or responding to a situation. So after a while your cells became saturated with the chemistry of sadness. Some keys/receptors around the cells, were filled with the chemistry of sadness. Many years pass and you life is great. No real reason to be sad. Well since your body cells are still filled with the chemistry of sadness, because along the years the cells replicate and the new ones are made with that same sadness chemistry, among others, your body will act like a drug addict and demand its fix of that chemistry of sadness. So you are in your living room, all is well and suddenly because your body is asking for its sadness fix, you create the situation that will make you sad. Either you start thinking of sad situations, or put a sad song on, or anything that would make you feel that way! You create it! Then after a while, your body is happy, so you return to normal. The emotion can be anger, hatred, sadness etc. Your body will continuously demand its chemistry and you will create the situation that will give your body its ‘fix’. This being an impulse reaction, often it leaves you feeling like “what’s wrong with me? Why do I behave like this? By the way, this weakens your immune system. Since these sadness keys (or any other emotion) saturate your cells, they take the space for the good nutrients. The fastest way to clear this, is to catch your thoughts. Once you catch the thought which will cause the emotion and the body feeling, you say “Stop, change!”, turn your thought in a better way, and instantly, this will weaken that neuronet (solid pathway) and create a new one, which is more beneficial to you. So this way, your cells will eventually get cleaned of the sadness chemistry and this gives space for good nutrients and beneficial chemistry; you bring your body up to date. It is easy, simple and it works!

This is mindfulness. This is living in the present.

…And then I came to see that all thoughts were about the past or the future, so I started to live only in the present, and I had no thoughts for a period of time, just mindfulness, and then all my emotional difficulties passed away. Just like that!!” – Passages from the book ‘The Life & Legacy of a Buddhist Master.’

It is a good practice to regularly bring yourself back into the present. First it shows us how we are often in the past or the future and then it brings you to mindfulness, being aware of your surrounding, everything that is called life. Our power of manifestation is in the present because we are conscious and not elsewhere (future or past). The present is all we truly have.

It is being done and practiced, it is proven by science and YOU can do it.