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Important principles of naturopathy

Here are a few sentences illustrating some important principles of naturopathy:

  • KEEP OUR BODY ALKALINE. This is a great principle that avoids most of our problems;
  • It is never an external element that causes health problems;
  • If there is poor digestion, food rots and causes inflammation;
  • An organ is weakened from congestion;
  • For any disease, we gain by decongesting the lymph;
  • All fruits are great for cleansing the body;
  • One fruit at a time to detoxify faster and preferably in juice;
  • All of the Universal Intelligence can be expressed in me. If the body is acidic, she cannot….(C.L.)
  • Someone with arthritis has digestion problems;
  • Our glands are important for our proper functioning. Phosphorus helps the glands (it is found in corn, celery, asparagus, spinach, dandelion, zucchini and Brussels sprouts);
  • Exercise, but also mental attitude, is important;
  • The idea of ​​illness is actually an illusion, because in reality it is the body that detoxifies itself and this creates the symptoms that we call disease.
  • Starting from this principle, it is easy to understand that it is very important to keep a healthy body, in a healthy environment (alkaline).
  • Green foods control the absorption of calcium and iron (greens or juice).
  • Isolated elements (laboratory) are discouraged (like vitamins etc) because they are inorganic. Prefer them from natural sources with living elements (organic), containing all the complete and necessary properties (herbs).
  • The body releases acids to cleanse itself: it’s what causes, eczema pimples and plaques.
  • All body cleansing systems, are made to help the body regenerate and heal itself.

Naturopathy proclaims that any ”sickness” is caused by poor digestion. All people who have any health condition, have poor digestion. If this is the case, it would be good to do some tests, see if all the organs are optimal. It may simply be the fact that the “cleaner” organs, so-called emunctories, are tired (in particular, the liver, the intestines, the skin, the lungs, the pancreas and the kidneys).