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Oriental dance or baladi

In order to preserve your youth and your beauty, get into oriental dance! Also known as ‘Belly dance’, oriental dance combines sensuality and femininity. The benefits of oriental dance are both physical and psychological. It brings joy as much for the one who dances as for the one who looks at it.

Bellydance restores suppleness and muscles up the body

When I started my baladi lessons, I knew straight away that I was going to love it and have fun with the new teacher, Maya. I had already taken a few lessons here and there, but with Maya it was authentic!. I liked it so much, that I was taking two lessons per week and I even agreed to be part of the “show” the end of the year (which went really well, friends and family being invited and a video as a souvenir).

Funny thing, the costumes are very colorful and super feminine. After each class / rehearsal we feel so good! Blood circulates, the body moves, we laugh among us women and completely relax.

With soft, or jerky rhythms, oriental dancing is extremely beneficial. It is based on a series of muscle contractions and will learn to move certain parts of the body independently of others. We certainly burn calories!

But what exactly is baladi / oriental dance?

Excellent for toning the thighs and buttocks. The change of rhythm relaxes the joints and shapes the silhouette. Moving the body in this way has a draining and massaging effect. Very good for the circulation and therefore the reduction of cellulite.  

Bellydance improves the figure

It activates almost all levels of the spine and strengthens the muscles of the back and lumbar region, which helps to improve the maintenance of the body. Movements become more graceful, the back straightens and the posture becomes straighter.

Bellydance requires a lot of shoulders and arms; all the upper part of the body, as well as the torso, develop nice shapes and this, for many years.

This very ancient dance that was practiced in Egypt, in Turkey and in several countries of the Middle East, is a jewel for women. This dance was not necessarily made for seduction. It was created to help pregnant women to be able to give birth to their child without pain and with greater ease. Also it was a dance of the people, the women, just as men as well as children practiced it. This is still done today.

It was Hollywood that started the fashion for costumes that show the belly and are very suggestive. In fact the people were very dressed and more modest. We danced with the family, in community, for all occasions!

Bellydance helps to reconnect with our femininity and gives us confidence. Whatever our shape, round or slender, oriental dance teaches everyone to reclaim their body, to put it forward, and just to love it, which leads to greater self-esteem.