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The Many Benefits of French Green Clay (Montmorillonite)

I have been using French green clay for more than 30 years; I use it regularly for beauty purposes and to solve small problems. This clay, very effective and beneficial, comes from the noble layers of the soil, a term that defines the superficial layers of very old soils, usually located at the site of ancient volcanic activity and marine sedimentation basins. It takes several centuries for the clay to reach the surface and concentrate in these soil layers. (up to 85 % of clay). Going up, the clay is transformed and charged with bioavailable minerals and vital energy. Nourished by tree roots, plants and grass, exposed to natural sunlight and rainwater, the clay matures slowly and acquires all its physical and energetic characteristics.


Rich in trace elements, clays are used to attract our impurities and toxins through absorption. French green clay, from volcanic deposits, is the richest in mineral compositions and the most draining of all clays. In aesthetic treatments, it is used to detoxify and cleanse the face and body. French green clay is the best among other clays used to remove impurities and toxins. It also removes old, pore-clogging oil and environmental poisons left on the skin and is recognized as the most cleansing and soothing of all clays.. It helps to lighten the complexion, rejuvenate skin and tighten pores. It has anti-inflammatory properties and a high absorption capacity., excellent for eliminating toxins and harmful substances. Blood circulation increases at the application site, the tissues of the lower layer of the skin are activated and the toxins are evacuated by the lymphatic system. It detoxifies your skin, purifies and soothes it. Green clay helps accelerate skin regeneration. Your skin will be softer and fresher! This clay also helps relieve skin disorders such as itching, eczema, boils, the allergies, sunburns and burns and even sprains. It is ideal for cuts, sores and even skin ulcers. It helps to speed up the recovery of the skin and adjacent tissues.

Green clay is rich in calcium, magnesium, potassium and sodium. It energizes the connective tissue. It is antiseptic and healing. It gently stimulates and is effective in increasing lymphatic flow and circulation, allowing the supply of oxygen and accelerating the elimination of waste.


-As a mask: About a teaspoon of clay mixed with purified water to get a light mixture, not too thick, just enough to apply to the skin with a spatula, brush or fingers. French green clay balances the PH of the skin and, as a mask, it is ideal for eliminating imperfections, acne and pimples or simply to lighten the skin.

Application: On cleansed skin, apply a medium layer all over face and neck, avoiding the eye area. Lie down if possible and rest. Leave on for at least 10 minutes. Rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water. Use when you feel your skin needs it!

-As a face powder and/or antiseptic: Will absorb excess sebum, will give a smooth appearance, will keep the skin clean and compensate for redness. Take a little on your fingertips or on a cotton ball and apply to:

  • The imperfections (green conceals redness)
  • Cuts (seals the wound and accelerates healing)
  • Pimples or rashes
  • The nose when it shines; forehead, the chin or any other area that tends to be oily (will absorb excess sebum)
  • On the corner of the nose or any other area with open pores or broken capillaries (creates a smooth surface and conceals redness).
  • OR lightly brush all over face like a face powder. It creates a smooth and velvety look in an all-natural way, without harmful substances for your skin.

-For ulcers and wounds: We can apply a clay poultice (of medium consistency – clay and water) on infected wounds or stubborn ulcers. It will clean them and help tissue regeneration. If a sore oozes, dry clay powder can be poured in several times a day until the seepage stops. If a wound is open, you can cover it with a clay paste that you can cover, until the wound heals and closes.

-For insect bites: To maximize the benefits, put a few drops of pure lavender essential oil (calm, anti-inflammatory) on the sting, then cover it with a medium layer of green clay. You can cover it or leave it that way. The pain will take over and the lavender will calm the area.. Lavender is a good complement but optional, because the clay is very effective on its own.

For cuts and burns: Apply a thin layer of clay (with lavender if you wish/ 2-3 drops), on the cut or burn, then cover it with a bandage or bandage to protect it. If it's small, leave it as it is, with lavender and clay. In no time, the skin will begin to regenerate.

My dog ​​Inka, had scraped the nail of one paw and was bleeding. I put a thick layer of green clay and it stopped the bleeding and became like a protective shield, to help regenerate the nail and the skin. Unless you are a practitioner and/or know your herbs and oils, I would not use essential oils on animals. ESPECIALLY NOT ON CATS OR BIRDS.

Again, one of my clients told me that her son had been stung by a bee under the foot. So she put lavender and green clay, and a few minutes later, the sting stopped hurting and he fell asleep (calming effect of lavender).

N.B. Lavender is just one option, the clay itself is already very effective.


It's easy to see why clay has become so popular and should be in every home..

  • DETOXIFIED CLAY (externally or internally)
  • CLAY STIMULATES THE PRODUCTION OF STEM CELLS (this property explains the highly rejuvenating and anti-aging characteristics of clay. In some types of anemia, internal treatments with green clay give significant results).
  • CLAY RECHARGES THE BATTERIES (the body wraps are excellent and very relaxing).
  • Clay is an anti-inflammatory and an excellent painkiller (apply a thick clay bandage to the area where you have pain).
  • CLAY NEUTRALIZES RADIOACTIVITY (this property makes clay an excellent detoxifying substance after radiotherapy or a radiation leak from electric reactors ! A therapist I know, mentioned that after the Fukushima event in Japan, she suddenly received a lot of orders for French clay from Japan, going up to 40 books at once). 
  • CLAY NEUTRALIZES EXCESS ACIDITY (for internal use – as mentioned above)
  • CLAY NEUTRALIZES EXCESS SEBUM (this is why it is used on oily skin).
  • CLAY IS A GREASE STAIN REMOVER (it is safe to use on all clothes, fabrics and carpets by sprinkling the stain with dry clay and letting it sit for an hour or two).
  • CLAY NEUTRALIZES ODORS (in the refrigerator, or to control bad breath as a gargle or as a toothpaste)

You can find it in health food stores or in some pharmacies. You can find it in powder form, which is best because you can use it however you want, dry or in paste form. You can also find it in a tube, already in the dough (handy in your purse or at home, because you can quickly use it in paste for several external ailments). Powdered green clay is pale green and very fine.