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Make your own toothpaste

Years ago when I found out that most companies put fluoride into their toothpaste, I decided to make my own. Fluoride is known to harden your pituitary gland, which role is very important for us.  On the physical level, the primary function of the pituitary gland is to secrete and store the chemical messages known as hormones and to regulate other glands within the body’s endocrine system. On a more subtle level, the pineal gland is called the ‘’third eye’’ and permits you to tune into higher frequencies, beyond the five senses. This gland helps you to shift your perception, so you can see beyond the veil, which is a great tool and helps your intuition and self-guidance. 

It is very easy to make.  You can make more in advance, but here is the basic recipe:

You take one teaspoon of Green clay, in it you put 3 drops of pure essential oil of peppermint and one drop of pure essential oil of clove. You mix it well. This is it!  Besides cleansing your teeth, it purifies and disinfects, keeping your gums in good shape. If you do not like the taste of clove you can replace it with lemon essential oil or use the peppermint on its own.  You experiment on the strength that you like, more or less drops of oils in the clay powder.  I put it in a nice little jar.  Glass is ideal, but hard plastic is fine.